Sunday, April 27, 2008


Since I know some readers of this blog also read Johnny Munkhammar's blog and since I know that at least one person have already been confused by this, I should clarify that the Stefan Karlsson who wrote for him is not me. It is a different person with the same name as me. I have not had several formal positions in international financial business. Karlsson is the third most popular last name in Sweden, after Johansson and Andersson, and Stefan is a fairly popular first name too, so there are quite a lot of people whose name is Stefan Karlsson.

It was because there are so many with my name that I in the past used to spell my name as Stefan M.I. Karlsson, with M.I. standing for my middle names Mikael Ingemar, to distinguish myself from the others with the name Stefan Karlsson. In time I started to prefer not to spell out M.I., but that can still be noted in the URL of this blog.


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