Saturday, December 08, 2012

Family Guy Summarized In 85 Seconds

This clip is one of the best introduction to Family Guy as you could get. It contains at least five of its main themes:

-Peter Griffins tendency to do crazy shenanigans (in the sense of mischiefs/pranks) that end up hurting him and/or his family and/or his friends, and his wife Lois's sometimes successful, but usually failed attempts of preventing him from doing them.
-Glenn Quagmire's sexual perversion ("You're not the same giraffe from last night") as it is his house that the giraffe sticks its head in at 0:50.
-The pedophilia of Herbert the pervert, the old man at 0:34.
-And at the end, one of the many examples of the Cleveland Brown bathtub gag.
-Though this point isn't explained in the clip, the sending away of all the cops in the city by Mayor Adam West, was an another example of an important theme, namely Mayor West's excentric nature as the reason for sending the cops away was to rescue a fictional character in South America...