Friday, September 27, 2013

So How Much Warming Has There Been?

I haven't posted much recently  because there hasn't been much news, except the weird political game in Washington D.C. over "continuing resolutions" and debt ceilings, about which there isn't much to say.

Today there was however the IPCC report, which the Al Gore crowd touts because it says that they are even more certain than before (95% versus 90%) that global warming is man made, and because of the forecasts they issue about how much warmer things will become in the future.

But the report also notes how much warming there has been so far, which of course all that is proven because forecasts are after all only forecasts. And as it turns out, the report notes that:

The total increase between the average of the 1850–1900 period and the 2003–2012 period is 0.78 [0.72 to 0.85] °C, based on the single longest dataset available

Wow, a full 0.78 degrees celsius (1.4 degrees fahrenheit) after more than a century of record emissions of carbon dioxide and other "green house gases". That's in line with the normal temperature differences between cities (at the same level above and distance from the sea) 100 or so miles from each other. That's the "dramatic climate change" they make such a big fuss about....


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