Sunday, August 14, 2005

Leaving socialist societies

Paul Krugman recently praised The French welfare state, yet young people in France don't seem to agree with him as the welfare statist regulations have made it extremely difficult to get a job and increasingly they therefore wants to leave the country according to a article in The New Scotsman.

Sweden is facing similar problem with thousands of highly educated Swedes leaving the country each year, with the US and the UK being the most popular destination. Last year, Net emigration of Swedes was more than 5,000, a number likely to increase this year. The situation is likely similar in other highly welfare statist Western European countries. While both France and Sweden receives a lot of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East, they are usually not as productive (indeed a substantial portion of them live exclusively off the welfare state)as the emigrants.


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I just found your blog, via your comment here. Please take a look at the comment that I just posted there; do you know anything about what the shipping would be, if I took advantage of that offer?

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Oh - I forgot to post, in that comment, what I had thought to note: I was kind of surprised to see your photo and age, on the top of this blog's sidebar. I don't know what all of your views are, but our generation needs more people who believe in liberty and free markets. Keep up the good work.

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