Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bush and the Republican Congress Don't Spend Like Drunken Sailors!

Because of the sharp increase in government spendingthat we have seen under Bush and the Republican Congress, many accuse them of spending like drunken sailors. However as Worldnetdaily editor Joseph Farah points out in a column about how Bush have betrayed conservative values on nearly all issues and why he therefore regrets voting for Bush, that comparison is unfair. Unfair to the drunken sailors, that is. To quote Farah:

"Bush has encouraged the Republican Congress to spend like drunken sailors. Actually, that is an insult to drunken sailors, who only spend their own money – not their grandchildren's and great-grandchildren's money."


Blogger Edie said...

That is an amusing metaphor. Farah is correct to point out that they are betting the farm, not just their own wages--although it must also be pointed out that they are not literally spending their own grand- and great-grandchildren's money, both those of most Americans--the wages of those who actually must work and sacrifice in order to save anything. In that sense, legislators are spending like drunken speculators, not sailors.

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