Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My Kind of "Sacrifice"

The WTO negotiations in Hong Kong have now started. It is widely expected to be a big failure. Why? Because the poor countries of the world demands that the United States and the European Union must end or sharply reduce its fram subsidies and abolish tariffs on imported food in order for them to reduce barriers on goods from the US and the EU.

One would have thought this would be a no-brainer. Let's see, if we do away with farm subsidies then taxpayers save a lot of money and we can cut taxes and we get much lower food prices . That is a "sacrifice" ? A "sacrifice" so terrible that we cannot agree to this in exchange for receiving higher export revenues? What the hell kind of twisted thinking is that?

But unfortunately, the farmers lobby is so strong that it have been able to get the French government on its side, who have been able to prevent the EU to agree to these "concessions". We are because of that held hostage to a system which reduces our income, raises our food prices and our taxes.


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