Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wolfgang Schussel's Backward Thinking

As you may remember the EU constitution was voted down by a majority of voters in France and Holland last year. Discontent with the stagnant economic growth in these countries and others who have adopted the so-called "social model" are widely blamed for the no-vote. The reason why these countries have sluggish growth is of course "the social model", which have discouraged productive efforts and encouraged welfare dependency.

Now Austria's chancellor Wolfgang Schussel have in a amazing display of backward thinking said he in an effort to woo French voters to supprot the EU constitution will include some provision safeguarding the "social model". This he claims will create support for the constitution since the reason why it was rejected was that "A lot of the concerns of European citizens today are to do with the sluggish economic growth we have had in the last few years.". So in order to make EU citizens like the EU constitution, he now wants to include the reason why they rejected it in the first place. Good thinking, Beavis....


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