Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Yes, You Do Have to Be Conspiracy Minded to Believe That

After a few Swedish corporate executives stated that they would prefer that the centre-right opposition to win this year's Swedish election, Social Democratic leader Göran Persson implied that if the CEO:s don't shut up, he might move to change legislation that allow differential voteing rights for stocks. After the executives then replied that they won't be intimidated by that threat, Social Democratic party secretary Marita Ulvskog now claims that the corporate executives are abstaining from investing just to give the Social Democrats a hard time.

Puh-lease! Give me a break. As if corporate executives constantly pressured by their shareholders to create higher profits could afford to abstain from investments necessary to keep the company competitive.

When asked if she had any evidence for her claim she admitted that she didn't have any evidence except that investments hadn't increased as much as dividends-as if that established the motive. A far more plausible explanation is that there isn't as many profitable profit opportunities as she claims.

Ironically, when telling of her theory she phrased it as "you don't have to be particularly conspiracy minded to believe it". I for one would say that in order to push for a implausible theory without any evidence, then you'd have to be verfy conspiracy minded to believe it.


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