Saturday, March 04, 2006

Zimbabwe Food Crisis Worsens

Ever since Zimbabwe's black racist dictator Robert Mugabe drove away productive white farmers, stole their land and gave it to his incompentent cronies and the equally incompentent land-invading thugs that called themselves "war veterans", Zimbabwe's economy have been collapsing as I have documented before on this blog ( see here and here).

Now, food crisis and therefore the general economic crisis have worsened further. At least one third of the population in this once food exporting country will require food aid from abroad to survive, while unemployment have reached 80% and inflation 600%. The latter number is rising rapidly as food prices rose 30% just during the latest week. Not that the Zimbabweans should really worry about that since we all know that the "core" inflation rate which the Fed believes we should focus on excludes food prices.

Mugabe claims of course that a drought and not his policies are responsible, just as North Korea have blamed starvation there on natural disasters. But this fails to explain why we never saw these kinds of food shortages during droughts before, or why other countries suffering from droughts do not suffer these problems.


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