Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mugabe Invites Back White Farmers

After black racist dictator Robert Mugabe stole the land of thousands of white farmers in Zimbabwe and gave it to his cronies and the thugs who called themselves "war veterans", farm output in Zimbabwe have fallen dramatically, turning what was once a great agricultural exporter into a aid recipient.

Now the Mugabe regim have been forced to reverse course partially and have now invited a limited number of the dispossed white farmers to lease the land they once owned for a 99-year period.

Some of these white farmers seem so desperate that they are willing to accept this. I for one would have been hesitant to say the least to accept this as long as Mugabe or anyone else with his attitude were in power. When the situation worsens again at some later point, whites are again likely to be made scapegots and be dispossessed again and see all of their assets stolen again.


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