Monday, April 10, 2006

See, I Told You So

Nearly two weeks ago, I predicted that Jacques Chirac would again prove himself to be a cheese-eating surrender monkey, at least with regard to that "surrender monkey"-part (I don't know how much, if any, cheese he eats)by caving into the protests from unions and the spoiled, wealthy youths who calls themselves "students" and withdraw the far too modest proposed liberalization of the French labor "market".

For Europe's sake, it would have been best if I had been proven wrong, but unfortunately I wasn't as Chirac now withdraws the proposal. As I've stated before, the worst part about this is not that the proposal itself is dead. Since it was so modest it would only have meant a modest improval of the situation. The problem is that it will discourage politicians not only in France but in other European countries to abstain from other more important reforms of the welfare statist system that inhibits the economies of Western Europe.


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