Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Damage Caused by Affirmative Action

Interesting NRO article on the politically correct (i.e. anti-white) form of racial discrimination known as "affirmative action" or various other euphenisms.

The article point out that the reason why so few blacks would be admitted to universities without affirmative action is that they on average perform worse, particularly in math and science. And so any colorblind admission criteria would for that reason mean that blacks would be underrepresented (and also to a lesser extent hispanics, while Asians would be overrepresented).

As the article points out, ignoring these facts are not a good solution. Because affirmative action have allowed a lot of unqualified blacks to gain entry, they are far more likely to fail.

"Blacks are two and a half times more likely than whites not to graduate. Blacks are four times more likely to fail the bar exam on the first try and six times more likely never to pass the exam despite multiple attempts.

Perhaps the most astonishing statistic is that only about a third of blacks entering law school this fall will graduate and pass the bar exam on the first try. Bleak are the prospects for many black law students."

This means that affirmative action will not really increase the number of black college graduates by anywhere near as much as it increases the number of black college freshmen.

And even apart from the inherent injustice in better qualified whites being rejected on racist grounds, this mean a hugh waste of resources as a lot of time and money are spent on lesser qualified students who won't make it, creating a significant economic cost for society.

It should be noted that this negative economic effect is likely to come from all forms of "preferential treatment", "affirmative action", "diversity programs" etc. applied both by governments and private companies not only for education but also for contracts and jobs.


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