Monday, August 21, 2006

Policy Change

This is a policy change which I have been considering for some time now, but it was only today that I finally decided to do it.There are two languages which I can speak and write fluently, English (as you may notice) and my native language, svenska (Swedish). So far I have chosen to write exclusively in English for the simple reason that whereas almost none of my non-Swedish readers understand Swedish, almost all Swedes understand English at least fairly well. But ,nevertheless, as some Swedes find English language texts to be somewhat less accessible than Swedish language texts, there is a case for writing texts which are of almost no interest for non-Swedes in Swedish. And with a upcoming election campaign in Sweden, there will be an increasing number of news which will primarily be of interest to Swedes during the coming month.

So, henceforth, I will write posts which I deem to be of almost no interest for non-Swedes and/or which is of particular interest for Swedes in Swedish. I will likw two other Swedish libertarians famous both in Sweden and internationally, Johan Norberg and Johnny Munkhammar have a mixed English/Swedish blogging. However, most of my posts will continue to be in English.


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