Friday, November 09, 2007

Ron Paul-Campaigning For Gold

Lew Rockwell tells of perhaps the greatest benefit of the Ron Paul campaign-how he by making the negative effects of the Federal Reserve's policies has spread the awareness of the need for a return to the gold standard.

"Ron has made an issue, and a huge one, out of the Federal Reserve and its destructivism and business cycles. Last month, 2,000 University of Michigan students cheered his calls for sound money by chanting "Gold, Gold, Gold." And last night, as he was walking through National Airport, a man with a British accent approached him. "Congratulations on making monetary policy a live issue," he said. "I never thought it could be done. I'm an economist at the IMF," he added, "And I also agree with you about this: the IMF should be abolished!""

Here is also Ron blasting Bernanke again for his destructive policies at a congressional hearing


Anonymous newson said...

lucky yanks that they even have ONE presidential candidate that has a handle on sound monetary theory! here in australia, there is an absurd reverence towards our own reserve bank from all sides of politics and the media. central bank governors enjoy the same gravitas as was accorded greenspan.

3:55 PM  
Anonymous Mathias said...

Jag läste din artikel The Sweden Myth på Det du skriver är oerhört uppfriskande efter åratal av indoktring av skola och media..
Jag har med stort intresse följt Ron Paul, bara att hoppas tillräckligt med folk hinner ta del av hans budskap.. fortsätt med bloggen den är lärorik för en som mig som just börjat läsa ekonomi.

2:17 AM  
Blogger Wille said...

I wonder if Bernanke was aware that he inadvertantly nodded to what Paul said? (appr. 2:35 into the video)

10:31 PM  

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