Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Financial Markets Explained

I actually saw this first more than two months ago at Wille Faler's blogg, but I forgot to post it myself then. But better late than never, as it is really good. It is really amusing and it still gives a good description of the way things work in the financial markets. Perhaps it didn't emphasize enough the role of the central banks in sustaining these less rational aspects of modern financial markets, but it does actually imply it in the end of the video.


Blogger Wille said...

It is quite apt. :)
One of the things that people often forget, not least those intimately involved in the financial markets, is that they are not-always-so-sophisticated-and-smart:
The fact is, people are still subject to their own emotions and primal fears.
Staring the possibility of massive losses in the eye will trigger the primal "fight or flight" instinct in most people (well, in this instance, mostly flight), even the hotshot fund managers with $5 billion in assets under management..

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