Friday, January 04, 2008

Ron Paul Voters Main Issue: (Austrian) Economics

Ron Paul got 10% of the votes in Iowa, more than the 7% indicated by the polls, but probably less than most supporters expected.

Anyway, if you look who Paul's voters are according to this exit poll (who is probably more accurate than the others as it says he got 10%) you can see that they are disproportionally independents (Paul got 29%, more than any other candidate), which bodes well for New Hampshire where there are a lot more independents than in Iowa. They are also dispropotionally young, with Paul gaining the support 22% of the 17-29 year olds, and have relatively low income (with 14% of people earning less than $50,000 voting for Paul). The two latter groups are probably both a result of Paul having particularly strong supports from students.

Interestingly, the main concern for these students doesn't seem to be the Iraq issue. Instead, Paul's strongest support came from people who's main concern is the economy.
As Paul has repeatedly brought up the subject of Austrian economics and the need to abolish the Fed and restore the gold standard, this again is an indication that the Paul has been successfull in spreading the message of sound economics.


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