Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Ugly Choice Facing America

Now that the presidential race in America has in effect been narrowed down to Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama and John McCain this means that whoever wins, the world loses. More or less a Kang vs. Kodos election. If you haven't read it already do read Ilana Mercer's excellent column The Hillary, Hussein, McCain Axis of Evil.

Do also read Larry Kudlow's column about the enourmous expansion of the state planned by Obama. Although some of this can be financed by withdrawing from Iraq -If he really keeps that promise-, that is nowhere near enough. And with the Democrats likely increasing their congressional majority these proposals are likely to pass, which means higher taxes and higher deficits. And Hillary is likely no better than Obama. McCain is much better on domestic spending, but that will largely be negated by the fact that he wants to keep the troops in Iraq indefinetly and also provide a "Marshall plan" for Iraq, and also extend the neoconservative democracy crusade mission to even more places.


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