Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Very Professionally?

Greenspan, like David Lereah and Jerry Bowyer, is unintentionally becoming a really good comedian. In Reuters, he says:

"I have no regrets on any of the Federal Reserve policies that we initiated back then because I think they were very professionally done"

Note that Greenspan creating the biggest housing bubble in American history and thus creating the massive problems America now faces is not just professional, but very professional. Personally, I have trouble seeing how a dart-throwing chimp or even a drunken lemur would have caused less problems than Greenspan.

Greenspan of course again denies his guilt in creating the problems by using the same old BS about global market forces pushing down long term interest rates that he has used in the past. As I've already refuted that nonsense, I won't bother doing it again, so those who haven't read it or forgotten what I wrote may read it here.


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