Saturday, May 24, 2008

Austrian Business Cycle Theory Essay Now Available In English

Late March, I told you about how I had written an essay in Swedish in Swedish web magazine Captus arguing the case for the Austrian business cycle theory and why it is so important. However, while Sweden together with the United States is the biggest country of origin of readers of this blog, most readers are not Swedish. Even including the readers I have in Finland -where most people understand Swedish as it is a official language taught in school- and Swedes living in other countries and maybe even including my Danish and Norwegian readers (Danish and Norwegian are fairly similar to Swedish, so Scandinavians can generally understand most of what is written in the two other Scandinavian languages), that still meant that most of my readers were unable to read it.

Now I see Google Translation Service is finally available for Swedish, meaning that my non-Swedish readers can use the service to translate the text. Here is a direct link to a English version of the text. The service seems imperfect as some words aren't translated (for example räntepapper, which means interest bearing securities, vänsterdebattörer which means leftist pundits and aningslöst which means cluelessly) but hopefully it will be understandable anyway.


Anonymous Per-Olof Samuelsson said...

"Concerns have been partly concerned how this done that investors have become increasingly reluctant to invest in räntepapper ..."

I must say the Swedish version was more understandable!

But I think those Google translations will give me many good laughs in the future.

10:46 AM  

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