Saturday, November 08, 2008

ARI On Greenspan

Apparently, at least one reader misinterpreted, what I wrote on the Ayn Rand Institute's view of Alan Greenspan. I thought I was very clear in describing it as negative, similar to the view of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, but apparently at least one person misinterpreted it as being positive, similar to the view of the Cato Institute (or more correctly the authors of this Cato report, and most others active there. But in all fairness it should be acknowledged that there are some in the Cato Institute who view Greenspan in a more realistic, which is to say more negative, way).

To ensure that no one gets a misleading view of where the ARI stand, I will link to a article on Greenspan from the ARI, that a person related to ARI contacted and tipped me about. Whatever your opinion of the ARI on other issues and on other grounds, I recommend you to read it as it is quite good and should do away with any misunderstandings on where the ARI stands on this issue. It is interesting to see the positive reference to Ludwig von Mises BTW.


Blogger John said...,2933,449115,00.html

Read that story and please write a post about it. It seems they are going to bail out the auto industry - including GM that you wrote about for not a very long time ago.

You might already know about it, just wanted to make sure you knew it.

/John G

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is also a good piece on Greenspan and his betrayal by Harry Binswanger here:

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