Thursday, May 21, 2009

Arnold Should Have Sticked To Acting

Commenting on Obama's new proposal to prohibit Americans from buying the kind of cars they want, and instead only allow them to buy "greener" cars with less comfort and less safety (thousands of people more will likely die in traffic accidents each year as a result of these regulations), Arnold Schwarzenegger said:

"All of a sudden, the car manufacturers needed . . . the taxpayers' money, So in order to get that help, I'm sure that President Obama said: 'OK . . . here's what you need to do"

There are two comments which can be made about that. First, in what way does it make sense to increase costs further for companies that are already in trouble? Indeed, part of the reason for their problems is the costs that previous mileage standards imposed by the government have created.

And if receiving government money and being in financial troubles justifies being told what to do, doesn't that mean that California, who despite receiving huge hand-outs from the federal government is in a deep financial crisis, should be put under outside control?

But then again, the problem is that the federal government is now under control by people who wants to implement the same kind of high government spending and strict "green" regulation policies that have made California such an economic basket case. So federal control over California would likely mean no policy change. Meanwhile, Obama's copying of California's policies will make the rest of the country's economy just as messed up as California's.


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