Thursday, December 17, 2009

About The People Who Wants To Manage Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollar

Via Mark Steyn at the NRO Corner blog I see a story about how hundreds and often thousands of accredited delegates are left in freezing temperatures outside the conference hall about "global warming" in Copenhagen-a result of the organizers in the UN invited 45,000 people to a conference hall meant for only 15,000 people. When some started to distribute food to the people left outside, one man responded by screaming "I don't need food. I need socks! I'm freezing my ass off out here."

Aside from the obvious irony in delegates complaining about "freezing their asses off" while waiting to participate in a conference dedicated to prevent temperatures from rising, this makes the planned wealth transfer from developed countries looks even more questionable. The people who will organize this wealth transfer is the very same people who didn't even realize that inviting 45,000 people to a conference hall meant for only 15,000 people would cause problems. That is hardly the kind of people most of us would want to trust with hundreds of billions of dollars.