Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why Christmas Is Efficient

Christmas is beginning and so I was going to write a post about why Christmas, contrary to the assertions of many "dismal scientists" (a really appropriate term given the view displayed) is not inefficient, but then I remembered that Jeffrey Tucker wrote a good column several years ago, making almost all the points I would have made, so I'll link to that instead.

One point he left out was that Christmas gifts sometimes in fact consists of money, usually when someone wants to show appreciation yet have little or no idea of what the recipient would appreciate.

And incidentally, Christmas gifts in the form of donations (click on the "donate"-button in the right side bar) to show appreciation of (and therefore promote) this blog's activities are certainly welcomed. Donations of all sizes and at all times are certainly appreciated, but larger donations are especially appreciated and the Christmas season is an especially appropriate time to display appreciation.