Monday, April 05, 2010

The Failed Massachusetts Experiment

Boston Globe reports how people are "gaming the system" in Massachusetts, by buying health insurance only when they face expensive treatments, something which drives up cost for everyone else, after that state adopted a system nearly identical to Obamacare.

Once Obamacare is enacted throughout the United States, this will happen all across the country as the fines people face are much cheaper than buying insurance. Meanwhile, those that don't buy insurance because they really don't need it will see their situation worsen, just as Obama used to argue.

So contrary to Mitt Romney's assertions, his scheme has definitely not been a success, and the fact that he tries to pretend otherwise is the key reason for disqualifying him as a 2012 (or later, for that matter) Republican presidential candidate.

As for the Democrats, they will likely simply use the certain coming failure of Obamacare as arguments for further steps in the socialist direction. It remains to be seen whether Republicans can instead push for free market solutions.