Saturday, May 15, 2010

Detroit Starts To Destroy Homes

No, I am not talking about the [formerly] big three car companies, I am talking about the city of Detroit.

Detroit has for long been an extreme left-liberal Democratic stronghold, in fact it is the most extreme left-liberal stronghold in America, even more so than other infamous left-liberal Democratic strongholds like San Francisco and Washington, D.C..

As such, it has pursued failed policies that makes Detroit extremely unattractive for businesses, so unattractive that because of the lack of jobs, people feel compelled to leave the city.

Because of this, there is an abundance of empty, abandoned homes in the Detroit area. Realizing that their policies have made Detroit so unattractive that even at the extremely low prices of these homes, no one wants to move in, the Detroit city council has now started to demolish many of these empty houses.