Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Supporting This Blog

The time has come again for fund raising. As I wrote last year:

Like many other sites recently, I am now starting a fundraiser. Blogging is a very time and effort consuming activity. And while advertising provides some revenue, it is nowhere near enough. As The Economist and many others have discovered, Internet advertising generates surprisingly little revenue.

So, to enable this blog to continue at the current rate of activity or to expand, readers really need to start donating. I am letting future activity depend on this. No donations means no blog. Few and/or little donations means little activity.Many and/or large donations means unchanged or more activity. The future of the blog is in your hands.

Donate according to how much value this blog gives you and your ability to donate. So, press the "donate"-button in the right side bar, and donate now (or as soon as possible)!

If the response is deficient, then the content available for everyone will be restricted. Either by drastic reduction of blogging or  restriction to it for only subscribers. If the latter happens by the way, then those who contribute now will get a rebate or if the contribution is high enough, be considered automatically eligilible.

If on the other hand, the response is better than expected, than I will increase my activity in general and more specifically in the subject areas that contributors want me to focus on.

BTW: If you still haven't done your Christmas shopping and plan to order books (or some of the other items offers) for that purpose, or if you want to order books (or again other items) for other reasons, do order them through the widget you can see in the left.side bar. That way you'll support this blog at no extra cost for you!