Monday, February 28, 2011

Jay Leno On Government Shutdown

A shutdown of the federal government in the United States (or actually only parts of it, since for example the military wouldn't be affected) seems to be averted for now, but is still possible later during March given the fact that House Republicans demand spending cuts that both Senate Democrats and President Obama say are out of the question, meaning that at least one side have to accept concessions that are humiliating for them and bad for the country in their mind to avoid shutdown. It might therefore be the case that a shutdown will take place.

What would happened if the federal government shutted down? Well, during the latest shutdown in 1995, Jay Leno in an appearance in Las Vegas described the effects this way:

Imagine what will happen when the federal government shuts down. Illegal immigrants could start pouring into our cities, drug use could sky rocket. In L.A. they'll think they can get away with murder [This was shortly after O.J. Simpson was acquited]. So what's different? No different really.

But then he corrected himself by saying that one thing would change:

Congress is being laid off too, and this effects the local economy here in Vegas too. Five brothels just went out of business, just like that.