Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Good News From Canada

Stephen Harper's Conservative Party won a majority of seats in the Canadian parliament, meaning that they won't have to rely on minority support anymore.So far, their minority-rule has been somewhat imperfect, but hopefully (but unfortunately not necessarily) they will improve now that they won't have to compromise anymore.

However, the best thing isn't really that the Conservative Party won, but that the left-wing New Democratic Party lost. It's policy of broad based tax increases would have hurted the Canadian economy, as would its environmentalist limitations on oil extraction. In a time of high oil prices, the latter would have been especially harmful for those of us who aren't Canadians.

I note BTW that support for the New Democratic Party to a disproportionate extent came from French speaking Quebec. For decades there has been a movement in Quebec to declare it independent from Canada. Perhaps the time has come for the rest of Canada should declare itself independet from Quebec.