Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Who Has A Crush On Obama Today?

In 2007 and 2008, a lot of left of center people liked Obama strongly, with some even saying that they have "A crush on Obama".

Yet who likes Obama now. Conservatives or libertarians certainly don't, except perhaps in the sense that one may like an inept enemy for discrediting a cause you don't like. Interestingly, not even liberals like him these days either. as the unanimous verdict on left-wing blogs that I visit (like those of Paul Krugman, Robert Reich, Matthew Yglesias, Mark Thoma and Kevin Drum) is that Obama is either a sell-out, a fool or both. Krugman was skeptical to him already in 2007-08 so he can(and often does) say "I told you so", but others like Reich who supported him in the Democratic primaries likely feel very disappointed.

And as Pat Buchanan points out, blacks, among whom Obama got 96% of the votes and an usually high turn out in 2008, have fared much worse than other racial groups during Obama. The employment to population ratio has fallen from 55.2% in January 2009 to 51.1% in June 2011 among blacks, compared to a decline from 61.2% to 58.6% among hispanics/latinos and a decline from 61.4% to 59.3% among whites.

The drop in employment has thus been 1.5 times bigger among blacks compared to latinos and about twice as high as for whites. And with blacks over-represented among the jobs likely to be cut in future budget deals that Obama agrees to, their position is not likely to improve.

While Obama is still likely to get more than 90% of the blacks that do turn out to vote, it is hard to see that there will be a high turnout to vote for someone who has presided over a deterioration in black living standards contrary to the promises and slogans he presented in 2008. The "change you can believe in" has turned out to be change for the worse, and instead of "yes, we can" it has been "no, he can't".

While some leftists, black and non-black, will still vote for him as they will see him as the lesser evil compared to the Republican candidate, it is very difficult to find anyone these days that actually likes him, much less has a crush on him. And it will be very difficult for him to mobilize blacks and other core Democratic supporters.


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NAZIs fought for Hitler to the last. Who else if the left going to vote for?

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