Saturday, August 20, 2011

English Isn't Always Like English

As I discussed about 3 years ago, the language in Britain and America are more or less, but there are some differences. This includes the pronounciation of certain words like "can't" (this is of course not noticed in written form), as well as the spelling of some others like "labo(u)r" (this is of course not noticed in spoken form) as well as different words for certain things like gasoline/petrol and different meanings of certain words, like "football".

At the NRO Corner blog, Jay Nordlinger has a few more examples of the latter of a more hilarious kind than "football". My favorite example was that of the English man who asked an American woman whether he could "knock up her tomorrow". By that he meant to ask her whether he could come by and knock on her door tomorrow, but the American woman likely thought that he meant something very different.


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