Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Statistical Notes Wednesday August 10

-Britain saw new signs of economic weakness as falling exports increased the trade deficit and industrial production was unchanged compared to the previous month after having previously fallen.

-Germany's trade surplus fell due to falling exports.

-Latvia seems to be catching up with its rapidly growing Baltic neighbors as GDP rose 2.2% (9% at an annualized rate) in the second quarter compared to the first and 5.3% compared to the second quarter of 2010.

-China saw both its consumer price inflation rate and trade surplus increase. Since a stronger yuan would reduce both, this will likely induce Chinese policy makers to allow the yuan to appreciate faster against the U.S. dollar.

-South Korea saw employment increase by 1.4% in July compared to the previous year, resulting in an increase in the employment to population ratio and a drop in the unemployment rate. The rate of increase was however lower than in the previous month.

-Israel saw average real wages rise a mere 0.1% compared to the same month the previous year, while employment increased a more robust by 2.9% during the same period.


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