Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Statistical Notes Tuesday October 25

-Retail sales in the U.K. rose by 0.6% in September both compared to the previous month and September 2010. Meanwhile, the budget deficit fell from £71 billion in April-September 2010 to £63.5 billion in April-September 2011.

-Consumer prices in the U.S. rose in September by 0.3% compared to the previous month and 3.9% compared to September 2010, while initial unemployment claims fell slightly to 403,000.

-Preliminary Euro area PMI fell in October to a new low of 47.2, but August industrial new orders rose by 1.9% compared to the previous month and 6.2% compared to August 2010.

-Portugal's current account deficit fell in August to just €37 million from €971 million in August 2010. For the entire January-August period, the deficit dropped more moderately, from €11.4 billion in 2010 to €8.75 billion.

Greece's current account deficit also fell, but by a lot less than in Portugal, from €200 million in August 2010 to €145 million in August 2011. For the entire January-August period the deficit fell from €15.15 billion to €13.9 billion.

-Exports in Japan rose in September by 2.4% compared to a year earlier, while imports rose by 12.1%, reducing the surplus from 774 million yen (about $10 billion) to 300 million yen (about $4 billion).

-Employment in Taiwan fell in September by 0.3% compared to the previous month, but were still up by 2.1% compared to September 2010. And because of a drop in the labor force, the unemployment rate fell to 4.3%, the lowest since 2008.

Average wages in Taiwan similarly fell compared to the previous month, but were up by 4.6% compared to a year earlier in nominal terms,m which given Taiwan's 1.35% inflation rate means that real wages were up by 3.2%.


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