Monday, December 19, 2011

North Korea As The Commie Nazi State

The death of North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-il and his replacement with his son Kim Jong-un, rattled Asian markets in general and South Korea's in particular. Something that one wouldn't think should happen considering that North Korea has virtually no trade or other economic interaction with any other Asian country except China-and even for China the importance of that is completely insignificant. The reason why markets were rattled is because they feared that Kim Jong-un might carry out some form of attack to demonstrate strength to the others in the North Korean leadership.

North Korea is one of the most bizarre nations in the world, way beyond fellow Communist dictatorship Cuba. Not only does it have a plan economy and Stalinist political repression, it also for example deliberately keep trade relationship to a minimum according to the principle of juche (self-reliance), is extremely militaristic (with 20% of men in the ages 17-54 in active military duty and most of the rest considered reserve soldiers and at least 25% of GDP going to the military) and has a bizarre personality cult revolving around the Kim clan, with Jong-il's father Kim Il-Sung ("the great leader") as "eternal President" even 17 years after his death and Kim Jong-Il ("the dear leader"), and presumably soon Kim Jong-un as well.

North Korea's regime is also the arguably most racist government in the world, not just against non-Asians but also even against non-Korean Asians.

So it combines a communist economic system, with a totalitarian form of government, personality cult around its leaders, extreme militarism and racism. That pretty much makes it a perfect example of a "commie nazi" state.

The term "commie nazi" was coined in the Simpsons where the character McBain while delivering UNICEF pennies for "puny children" was attacked by commie nazis whose symbol combined the swastika with the hammer and the sickle.

Some have argued that it is impossible to be "commie nazi", but that is clearly not true. There have been several movements that have tried to combine Communist ideology with National Socialist ideology, such as the left-wing faction of Hitler's party, the NSDAP, led by the Strasser brothers that criticized Hitler for allowing non-Jewish capitalists to retain formal control of corporations (and were bloodily purged by Hitler for that) or the National Bolshevist movement in Russia.

None of the aforementioned groups have ever risen to power, but it would seem that North Korea is in fact an example of an actual "commie nazi" state.


Blogger flute said...

It's even weirder than that. Have you read the article "A Nation of Racist Dwarfs"?

7:34 PM  
Blogger stefankarlsson said...

Not only have I read it, I linked to it in this post (the sentence "the arguably most racist government in the world").

12:12 AM  

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