Friday, December 02, 2011

Statistical Notes Friday December 2

-The U.K. manufacturing PMI fell to 47.4 from 47.6 the previous month.

-Jobless claims rose in the United States, but so did also the ISM manufacturing index and construction spending.

Employment rose by 278,000 according to the household survey and by 120,000 according to the payroll survey. However, average weekly (and hourly) earnings dropped by 0.1%.

-Employment in Canada fell by contrast by 19,000 in November compared to the previous month, raising the unemployment rate to 7.4%. However, employment was still up by 1.2% compared to November 2010.

-The Euro area manufacturing PMI fell to 46.4, in line with an earlier estimate.

-Industrial production in Estonia rose by 2.9% in October compared to the previous month and also by 2.4% compared to October 2010.

Real retail sales in Latvia fell by 2.9% in October compared to September but was still up by 4.9% compared to October 2010.


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