Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Statistical Notes Tuesday January 17

-British industrial production fell in November by 0.6% compared to October and by 3.1% compared to November 2010. The biggest drop was in mining and oil extraction, but manufacturing production also fell.

Meanwhile, despite an 0.4% monthly increase, the yearly rate of consumer price inflation dropped to 4.2% in December from 4.8% in November.

-The U.S. trade deficit rose from $43.3 billion in October to $47.8 billion in November due to a combination of falling exports and rising imports.

-Canada's trade balance by contrast went from a $487 million deficit to a $1.1 billion surplus due to a combination of rising exports and falling imports.

-Euro area inflation fell from 3% in November to 2.7% in December.

-GDP growth in China slowed to 8.9% in the fourth quarter, but that was still higher than generally expected. Meanwhile, industrial production rose by 12.3% in December while nominal retail sales rose by 18.1%.


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