Thursday, March 01, 2012

Supporting This Blog

The time has come again for a fundraiser. While often interestimg, this blog is very time consuming. To ensure its survival I need for readers to contribute some of the value they get from this blog. Therefore, make sure to contribute according to the value you get from this blog and as much as you can afford.

So, to enable this blog to continue at the current rate of activity or to expand, readers really need to start donating. I am letting future activity depend on this. No donations means no blog. Few and/or little donations means little activity.Many and/or large donations means unchanged or more activity. The future of the blog is in your hands.

If the response is deficient, then the content available for everyone will be restricted. Either by drastic reduction of blogging or  restriction to it for only subscribers. If the latter happens by the way, then those who contribute now will get a rebate or if the contribution is high enough, be considered automatically eligilible.

Note that if you donate non-insignificant amounts then you will earn the right to request that I analyze and discuss whatever issue you like.

So, press the "donate"-button in the right side bar, and donate now (or as soon as possible)!