Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Strong Baltic Recovery Continues

Despite weak or negative growth in the rest of Europe, the Baltic countries recovery continues to be robust.

In Estonia, growth was 0.9% (3.6% annualized) compared to the previous quarter and 3.4% compared to Q4 2011.

In Lithuania growth was even higher than in Estonia, 1% (4% annualized) compared to the pervious quarter and 4% compared to Q4 2011.

But while Lithuania had somewhat higher growth than Estonia, it had weaker growth than Latvia, whose GDP grew by 1.3% (5.3% at an annualized rate)  compared to the previous quarter and by 5.1% compared to Q4 2011.

The baltic countries have now had cumulative recoveries of about 15% since late 2009, a lot faster than any other country in the EU/EEA area. Krugman and others would no doubt have attributed the super-strong recovery to devaluation, except that no devaluation has been made....