Sunday, May 26, 2013

A New Word For Burning Cars

As likely all Swedish readers, and most non-Swedish readers as well (as many media outlets outside of Sweden have given it a lot of attention), have heard already, there have been riots during the latest week in Sweden involving the burning of cars, throwing stones at fire fighters and police and various other forms of violence and vandalism, starting in the nearly all-immigrant Stockholm suburb of Husby, then spreading to various other mostly immigrant areas.

It was asserted by the radical immigrant organization called "Megafonen" that the fatal police shooting of a machete wielding man in Husby who tried to attack the police with his machete (how dare these cops defend themselves!) was the trigger of these riots, but the underlying cause is of course the failed Swedish immigration, labor market- and integration policies which has caused mass unemployment in heavily immigrant ,areas like Husby.

Anyway, I now see (via NRO Corner) that Australian writer Tim Blair has, while coming with a sarcastic comment about who are behind the riots, come up with a new hilarious word to describe the practice of burning cars as a form of political protest, Car-b-q (or Carbeque if you will).


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