Monday, August 26, 2013

Obama & Cameron To Go To War On Al-Qaeda's Side?

As you know, the US and UK governments try to justify their increasingly authoritarian repression of civil liberties and infringement of privacy, by claiming it is necessary to fight al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda inspired jihadist terrorists.

There are many reasons for believing that is a lie, but in case you had any doubt, the reports that Barack Obama and David Cameron are planning to intervene militarily to attack al-Qaeda's opponent in the Syrian civil war should end those doubts.

If Obama & Cameron were really serious about fighting al-Qaeda, they clearly wouldn't intervene on its behalf. But as that seems to be what they plan to do, we must conclude that they just view al-Qaeda as an excuse for their power grab. And no ,"humanitarian concerns" is not a credible excuse seeing how the Sunni jihadist rebels massacre Alawites and Christians whenever they get the opportunity.


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