Friday, December 13, 2013

Complete Republican Surrender

As you can remember, the great budget battle in the U.S. in October ended with what was de facto a surrender from Republicans. The government was re-opened and the debt ceiling increased without preventing or delaying Obamacare or any other major concession from the Democrats. But to save face it was formally only a "temporary agreement".

Now that the temporary agreement is about to expire, Republican leaders have agreed to accept a deal that not only doesn't end Obamacare it raises taxes and spending compared to current law.

Quite frankly, I always thought the idea of using decisions about other spending areas and the debt limit to force Obama and Senate Democrats to stop the implementation of Obamacare was doomed to fail from the beginning, so Republicans can hardly be blamed for not wanting to do that again. But this deal goes beyond that and means higher spending and higher taxes (the extra levy on airplane tickets is called a "fee" but is really a tax) compared to what no deal and a so-called "clean bill" would have meant


Blogger Roger McKinney said...

Most Republicans are conservatives, the definition of which is those who compromise with the left. Conservatives in the US have rarely wanted anything more than just a little less than what the socialists wanted. As long as I can remember, conservatives have been the "me too, but a little less" group in response to socialists.

You might have been fooled into thinking the Republican party has grown some balls by the brief spark from the tea partiers. But the tea party Republicans are too few, too disorganized, and too populist to make much of a difference.

We have a lot more educating of the populace, especially Republicans, before the party turns libertarian.

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