Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ben Bernanke: Cut Government Spending, Don't Raise Taxes

Former Fed Governor, now Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors Ben "Helicopter" Bernanke may be a crazy inflationist with regards to monetary policy, but at least he correctly notes that the US budget deficit should be reduced through spending cuts, not tax hikes. Considering this, I think it would be best if he stayed on as CEA Chairman rather than to be made the successor of Alan Greenspan as Fed Chairman.


Blogger Aakash said...

I just saw your comment, posted at one of the latest Mises blog entries... Thank you for making us aware about the firing of Bruce Bartlett - something that I should blog about. I had linked, in some of my past comment posts on the web, to a Washington Times article by Mr. Bartlett last year, questioning his previous support for the Iraq war... I just remembered that there was a Mises blog entry about this around that time, saying that Mr. Bartlett's position had changed. Mr. Bartlett responded to that post by posting a comment at that entry saying it was actually the facts that had changed.

Someone responded to that comment by saying that facts do not change.

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