Friday, December 23, 2005

Tony Blair's Fascist Struggle Against Freedom

Just unbelievable, Tony Blair's government will impose a new electronic survey of all car traffic in Britain. Apparently, it was not enough to have camera surveillance of the streets of cities and have the secret police monitor all internet traffic. Now hardly any zone of privacy will remain outside homes. It seems that George Orwell should have called his novel "2006" rather than "1984", as his nightmare vision of the police recording your every move and every action seem to have been nearly completely implemeted in his home country, Britain.

Some people claim that 9/11 was motivated by al-Quaida's hatred of freedom. In that case, they have succeded beyond expectations as Tony Blair have been very willing to appease them in their struggle against freedom.


Blogger Edie said...

Well, we find ourselves in agreement, Stefan.

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