Monday, November 06, 2006

Funniest Political Ad This American Election Season

For some reason, it has become fashion among American Senate candidates this election season to have ads with their daughters telling everyone how nice their dad is and how people should therefore vote for him. Just look at this ad from Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker and this ad from Pennsylvania Democratic Senatorial candidate Bob Casey (who will likely win over incumbent Republican Senator Rick Santorum).

Well, of course it's great that these girls like their dads enough to endorse him, but really, given their rather obvious bias, it's hardly convincing for rational voters not closely related to the candidate in question.

But at least one of these "daughter thinks her dad would be a great senator"-ads was made really funny. Namely this ad from Michigan Republican Senatorial candidate Michael Bouchard. Saying it was "the best political ad" ever, as the poster of the ad to YouTube did, is a bit of an exaggeration. After all, the purpose of a political ad is to turn things around for the advertising politician, and Mike Bouchard is trailing badly in the polls. So, while the ad may perhaps have helped, it clearly have had a very limited effect.

But in terms of funniness, it is definetly the funniest one that I have seen, at least this election season. I really like the looks on the faces of his poor daughter Mikayla and her date when Mike says "Isn't this fun"?

Also see the follow-up ad where Mikayla re-appears:


Blogger A Thing of Beauty said...

How wonderful it is to find that there is another free market fanatic out there who gets a laugh out of the political ads.

I live in Manhattan and find myself ambushed by political ads from New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

I have two favorites, both from New Jersey. One is called "Linda Stender is a Big Spender" and calls her a "double dipper pension" person.

And the other has a line in it that says "Bob Menendez wants to take your social security money and give it to illegal aliens."

I'd love to meet the people who create these ads.

11:57 PM  

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