Saturday, May 03, 2008

More Republicans Than Ron Paul Getting It?

The Wall Street Journal reports that Republican Congressional leaders wants to hold hearings on the role of the Fed in driving up the price of energy and food. Of course, one Republican by the name of Ron Paul has long emphasized this, but this has until now been largely ignored by other Republicans. Perhaps Paul's educational campaign has actually affected Republican congressional leaders. At any rate, it is good if there is increased awareness of the consequences of Fed policy.


Anonymous Eric said...

"Economists, including those at the Fed, are unsure what has driven commodity prices up and are skeptical of the role of low interest rates."

"That said, the Fed acknowledges that low interest rates might at a minimum be feeding speculative selling of the dollar and buying of commodities..."

Hmmm, I wonder what could possibly happen to prices of commodities when demand for them increases. Mysterious puzzle.

7:34 PM  

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