Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bull/Bear Markets Explained

I have for years known what the terms "bull market"/"bullish" and "bear market"/"bearish" means, yet it now seems that until just recently I might have misunderstood the origin of the terms. When I explained these terms to you, I retold an explanation that I had heard that the terms originated from the different attack styles of the animals ("When a bull attacks it strikes UP with it's horns - when a bear attacks it strikes DOWN with it's paws")

The worlds sexiest linguist, hotforwords aka Marina Orlova (whom I discussed previously here) however here argues these terms have another origin.


Blogger Lasse Pitk√§niemi said...

Interesting, I thought that the words came from hunting as few want to hunt bears but many like hunting bulls. Another alternative explanation I've heard is that humans go after the bulls whereas bears occasionally come after the humans...

12:43 AM  

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