Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reading Tip: Collateral Damage: Global Crash Phase Two

Mark Griffith and Moti Levi has edited a book about the financial crisis, called Collateral Damage: Global Crash Phase Two, containing interesting articles about the financial crisis from 27 different authors, one of whom is me.

My contribution discusses the Swedish banking crisis in the early 1990s and the lessons it and the response from the Swedish government teaches us today.

I was going to recommend you to buy it through the link you see at the right side of the blog since that would enable you to support this blog at no extra cost to you, but unfortunately that will right now (January 13, 2011) only get you to a link where it is asserted that the book is out of print, which it isn't.

After having contacted Mark Griffith about it, he informs me that this is the result of some problem at the American, which will hopefully and probably be resolved soon.  If you can wait a week or so, then hopefully you can order it that way then.

However, Mark also informs me that the book can be ordered immediately at the British at only £11.50, for those of you who are impatient.

But regardless of whether you can wait or are impatient, I recommend you to buy the book.