Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fraud That Is Similar To Reality

Apparently someone opened a false Google+ account (it has now been deleted, either by the person that created it or by Google when they found out it was fraudulent) claiming to be Paul Krugman and there wrote that:

People on twitter might be joking, but in all seriousness, we would see a bigger boost in spending and hence economic growth if the earthquake had done more damage.

But we don't need fraudulent pages to establish that Keynesians think destruction caused by earthquakes can be a good thing for the economy. Larry Summers did in fact say just that in a genuine TV-appearance about the eqarthquake in Japan.

And indeed, as Carlos Graterol, the person that claims to be responsible for the false page, writes, Krugman have himself really written and said some vary similar things about the earthquake in Japan and about the 9/11 attacks.


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