Monday, October 31, 2011

Go Ahead, Make Our Day

Now let's see, the Greeks are getting an unjust €100 billion give away in debt write downs and are despite this allowed to spend more of other people's money, and they are angry about the deal. Well, do please make our day, and reject the deal, so that (hopefully) you will be on your own then. Given your primary deficit, the required austerity will be a lot greater then. It will be really funny to see how much the crybaby moocher "protesters" like that.


Blogger Darth Weisse said...

yeap but there are also many many people in Greece with a common sense, that will be destroyed too and do not deserve your approach. World is a far greater place than we see in our tv broadcasts, and society is divided to large interest groups. You just see one of them ( the rent-seeking one) protesting and not the pro-liberty silent middle class peons that try to live in a half-socialist land. Please be a little more kind to all of us , having to stand a silly government, a couple million rent-seekers AND your "funny" lines.


12:05 PM  
Blogger stefankarlsson said...

Darth Weisse: I have repeatedly in my posts on Greece (though perhaps not in this one) made clear that there are many good Greeks, and presumably you are one of them, so do not take anything negative I've written about Greece personal.

My point was and is however that the all too large groups of Greeks who demand to live at the expense of others through the government as well as the destructive politicians that give in to their demands are bad and deserve contempt, especially since their strikes and protest actions wreck the Greek economy, hurting not only themselves (well-deserved), but also good Greeks like you (not deserved) and the outside world (mostly not deserved either).

9:26 AM  

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