Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Statistical Notes Tuesday October 11

-British industrial production rose in August by 0.2% compared to July, but fell by 1% compared to August 2010.

-Both factory orders and industrial production fell in Sweden in August compared to July, but was up compared to August 2010. The EU-harmonized rate of inflation fell slightly, from 1.6% to 1.5%.

-In August Danish exports increased 7% and imports 10% compared to a year earlier. The current account surplus however still rose somewhat due to a bigger surplus in net factor income from abroad.

-German exports rose in August by 3.5% compared to July and by 14.6% compared to August 2010, causing its trade- and current account surplus to increase.

-Estonia's export boom continued, increasing by 45% in August compared to a year earlier, while imports increased 42%.

Latvia's foreign trade in August increased at a lower, but still high rate, with exports up 27% and imports 20%. In Lithuania exports increased 22% and imports 26%.

-Industrial production in Ireland rose in August by 3.6% compared to July and 11.4% compared to August 2010.


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