Thursday, October 17, 2013

U.S. Budget Dispute Was Solved In June?

What if someone said that the recent dispute over "government shutdown" and the debt ceiling in the U.S. federal government was solved back in June?

That would of course be laughed at, yet sóme media outlets still claims that the deal that passed both the Senate and the House and was signed by President Obama means that the crisis is solved.

Yet all it does is push the problem a few months in to the future when first the "continuing resolution" and the debt ceiling increase expires. Meaning we're currently as close to the existing deadline as we were in June. When the deadline is reached again, the world will again have to suffer the ridiculous spectacle it has suffered through the past few weeks.

Unless of course, one side decides to openly surrender. And that will most likely be the Republicans as their bargaining position will be even weaker given the fact that Obamacare by then will be considered even more of a "settled law" and the mid-term election even closer in time. Meaning that all Republicans will get for their shutdown strategy is a decrease in their popularity.


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